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How Will Wayne Hunter Bounce Back?

Wayne Hunter had a rough night against the Dallas Cowboys. DeMarcus Ware beat him for a sack easily on the first play of the night. Things did not get much better from that point. He looked bad letting rushers get past him on many occasions and was not stout against bull rushers. According to Pro Football Focus he allowed six quarterback pressures on top of that sack against Ware.

No matter what happens this week, Hunter will be a bit of a concern going forward. On top of his rough night against Ware were equally bad outings against Cameron Wake and Mario Williams last year. You can say these are among the best pass rushers in the league. You would be right, but the Jets are going to need to find a way to neutralize top pass rushers if they want to win a championship.

Tomorrow will provide a bit of a barometer. Hunter will likely be matched up with Matt Roth, Jacksonville's defensive end starting in place of injured Aaron Kampman. Roth is a pretty good pass rusher and a very good run defender. He is a strong, effort guy. He is not the kind of athletic freak who can get around Hunter with one jaw dropping move. If Hunter holds up well, Jets fans can feel a bit better. If a guy like Roth has a big game, it will be time for major concern.