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Kickoff Return Game Might Be Out of Order Against Jacksonville Jaguars

The new kickoff rules really benefit a team like the Jaguars who already have a big legged kicker like Josh Scobee. Scobee kicked off five times in Week 1 against the Titans. All five kicks resulted in touchbacks. Only one looked like there was even a possibility to return it.

The Jets are probably going to be very tentative running balls back out of the end zone this week. The coaching staff surely beat into the heads of the return men to play it safe in the wake of Antonio Cromartie's unfathomable decision against the Cowboys to run a ball out of the back of the end zone.

The kickoff return game has been a huge asset for the Jets through the years. This kind of rule certainly hurts. The Jets do seem to have a talent edge in this game so they will have a chance to make up for it in other areas.