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Luke McCown: Reason for Jets Fans to Have Hope

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Now let us discuss some things that look good for the Jets against Luke McCown. It has to begin on the outside. The Jaguars do not have great wide receivers. Darrelle Revis' jam at the line should be able to largely negate smallish big play threat Mike Thomas, Jacksonville's best receiver. Jason Hill on the other side is largely unproven and has missed the past two days of practice. Antonio Cromartie had a rough opener, but unless the Jaguars trade for Miles Austin between now and Sunday, his assignment this week should be much easier. Remember how in the Playoffs the Jets left Revis and Cromartie largely alone on the outside so they could move men to help elsewhere? That could be in the cards. Jacksonville took few shots with McCown on Sunday. Their game was ball control and safe passes.

Even worse, Pro Bowl tight end, the best receiving option Jacksonville has, Marcedes Lewis, has also missed practice with a calf injury sustained in Sunday's opener. He is a matchup problem for New York's linebackers and safeties, but a compromised Lewis might be more of a problem.

The Jagaurs also seemed to have protection issues when facing Tennessee blitzes. Their offensive line was strong run blocking, but they allowed too many free runners. The Titans' pressure packages look nowhere near as complex as the ones the Jets are going to use. McCown is lacking in real game experience. He likely has never seen anything like the Jets will throw at him.

In the last post, I largely said McCown has a chance to avoid mistakes. His team is undermanned, though. That simply might not be enough. Unless the Jaguars can control the ball on the ground like they did against a banged up Titans defensive line, they will probably need more big plays in the passing game. The Jets probably like that.