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Luke McCown: Reasons for Jaguars Fans to Have Hope

Luke McCown is a bit of an unknown commodity. From my research, I believe there are reasons for both Jaguars fans and Jets fans to have optimism on Sunday. I will get to the Jets later. For now, we can focus on the Jaguars.

Since starting four games in a hopeless situation in Cleveland as a rookie in 2004, he has been surprisingly efficient. He is a 66% passer with 5 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in 12 games and 4 starts. He is averaging a very respectable 7 yards per attempt. The sample size is small, but he has performed reasonably well.

The Jaguars seem intent on giving McCown safe throws, which is a good idea against the Jets. In the opener, there were a lot of screens, throws to receivers at or behind the line of scrimmage, and to the middle of the field to tight ends. The Jets are at their best in pass defense locking down the outside on vertical routes. They are more vulnerable on screens catching their blitzes upfield, tight end receivers, and quick passes that make Antonio Cromartie tackle. I could count on one hand the number of times against the Titans he had to look to his second option. The idea was to get the ball out quickly. McCown showed decent mobility to extend plays and did not panic when faced with a rush.

If nothing else, that kind of thing should make Jaguars fans think they have a guy who can avoid big mistakes.