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Flight Connections 09-16-11


Gang Green needs to ground and pound.

STC Mike Westhoff is not ready to retire.

DC Mike Pettine thinks the defense may have been a bit overconfident.

The defense needs to cover tight ends.

The offense hopes to score early.

QB Mark Sanchez has true grit.

QB Mark Brunell used to play for Jacksonville.

TE Matt Mulligan and S Brodney Pool visited a hospital.

WR Derrick Mason talked about the fan altercation.

Time is running out so vote RB Joe McKnight for Never Say Never.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson's wife delivered a baby girl the day before the game.

Lame pun of the day from the Post: Third down's a charm.

Deadspin was a little disappointed in RB Shonn Greene. shares video of an interview with SS Jim Leonhard.

CB Darrelle Revis can blitz.

Jaguars WR Jason Hill is not impressed with Revis Island.

Brian Lewis: Rookies are stepping in and stepping up.  And if you don't agree, you can step off.

Jets Insider: The week 2 game is crucial.

JetNation wonders about QBR.

Peter King picks the Jets.

Vinny DiTrani expects a blowout.

Sam Farmer foresees a shootout.

San Diego stays classy.

Former Jets DB Dwight Lowery saw the sign.  And he is happy now living without us.  He left us, oh, oh, oh.  (Sorry.)

Former Jets C John Schmitt's ring was lost but now is found.

Former Jets WR Brian Musso spoke to students.

Patriots HC Bill Belichick tells D-Mase to STFU.  So is he about to get a phone call from Tony Dungy?

Darren Rovell: The players side of the NFL deal is hard to swallow.

OSN: Eagles QB Michael Vick hardly killed any dogs in Atlanta.


Video interview with Greg Prato after the jump.


Mark on Pepsi MAX:


Rex on Pepsi MAX:


Lastly, some 9/11 recollections I've recently read:

Looking back at the 10th anniversary.

Remembering 9/11.

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Rec if you agree.