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Derek Cox Out Sunday for Jacksonville Jaguars

Alfie Crow of SB Nation's Jaguars blog reports starting cornerback Derek Cox is out Sunday.

Jacksonville Jaguars starting cornerback Derek Cox will be out on Sunday against the New York Jets. In his place, William Middleton will get the start. Middleton filled in adequately for Cox on Sunday when Cox was forced out of the game with a rib injury. Fast forward to the Jets game, and the Jets will be able to give the Jaguars secondary match up problems.

They should be able to create matchup problems indeed. Plaxico Burress did a bunch of damage against reserves in Dallas' secondary. It is unclear how much we can expect from him still. The damage he did, however, is going to force defenses to respect what he can do down the field and draw attention from safeties. This is going to free things up underneath.

Unlike the Jets, the Jaguars usually do not have their corners follow a certain receiver around. They tend to play their corners on one side and allow them to take on whichever receiver comes their way. Middleton could have problems with either receiver. Holmes' crisp routes underneath make him a handful for a reserve. Burress has six inches and almost thirty pounds on him. It could result in Sanchez putting it up and trying to let Plaxico make a play.