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Can the New York Jets Block Another Punt Against the Jacksonville Jaguars?

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Mike Westhoff struck again for the Jets on Sunday at a critical moment. Joe McKnight's blocked punt was a huge factor in the victory over the Cowboys. Westhoff drew up a play designed to create a breakdown in blocking. That happened, and McKnight ran free.

In Sunday's opener, the Jaguars were suspect protecting Matt Turk, their punter. Three times a Tennessee Titan came close to blocking a punt. One resulted in a running into the kicker penalty that just barely missed. Twice more the play was blown dead when it looked like the Titans had a guy running with a shot.

The Jaguars need to tighten up their protection. The Jets are going to have a chance to look at where the weak points are and try to attack them just as they did against Dallas. It is fair to say the Jets are favored in this game. The Jaguars are going to need to be at their best likely to win. A big special teams play for the Jets could easily turn the tide.