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Flight Connections 09-15-11


Gang Green wants to avenge the loss in 2009.  Like Ralph Wiggum said, "I like revenging."

HC Rex Ryan wants the offensive line to play better.

QB Mark Sanchez is ready to move on from Sunday's performance.

Sanchez remembers his postgame prepared statement.

Sanchise places third behind Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and Dolphins QB Chad Henne.

Mark tried to get WRs Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason involved.

Patience paid off for Plax.  Like I always say, patience comes to those who wait.

Yahoo! explains RB Joe McKnight's blocked punt.

TE Josh Baker is back with the team.  That's good because I heard he's a touchdown maker.

SNY shares video of DE Mike Devito. shares video of CB Darrelle Revis mic'd up. shares video of an analysis of Jet-Mike-Mix.

The Jets Blog analyzes the Cowboys game.

JetNation has free tickets to the Jaguars game.

Randy Lange remembers former Jets OL Sam DeLuca.

SBNNY shares video of former Jets QB Joe Namath's theme song.

Former Jets DBs Dwight Lowery and Drew Coleman are now Jacksonville Jaguars.

Former Jets DE Shaun Ellis will be at his first home game as a Patriot.

Former Jets WR David Clowney was in town yesterday.

Former Jets WR Braylon Edwards is suing bus boys.  I think it should be bust boy because they bust the tables, but I digress.

Get to know your favorite former HC of the NYJ Bill Belichick.


View from the stands after the jump.

A wife blogs about being married to a Jets fan.

Stephen A. Smith: The Jets are increasing in stature.

SB Nation: Why I watch games on bootleg internet feeds.

OSN: Cowboys loss was the worst 9/11 ever.


View from the stands:



The halftime tribute:


View from the bar:



And from the living room, a nervous young Jets fan:


Rec if you agree.