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Jaguar Injury Updates

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This isn't so much as breaking, but it's still news. is reporting that TE Marcedes Lewis is questionable for this weekend due to a strained calf from week 1. Zach Miller would start in his place, but he too is questionable, as he missed week 1 due to a knee injury. Third stringer Zach Potter is next in line.

Big Cat Country is reporting that CB Derek Cox is likely out for the game after getting hit in the ribs last week. While their number 1 CB, Rashean Mathis, is still playing (and presumably covering Santonio Holmes), their depth chart will be moving up to cover the rest of our receiving corps. Let's try and figure out what that means, and how this gives us a big advantage against the Jaguars.

We all saw what Mark Sanchez could do last week against a beaten up secondary. He obviously wasn't a world beater, but he still did well exploiting mismatches. If Cox is indeed out this week, that could very well happen again. Big Cat Country is suggesting that either William Middleton or our very own Drew Coleman could move into the #2 CB slot. However, they're both nicklebacks, and as they themselves suggest, would not be suited for the outside. I personally would LOVE to see the 5'9" Coleman try and cover the 6'5" Plaxico Burress. We've all seen Coleman before; he's a great blitzer, but not the most incredible cover man. One other possibility is for them to move Dwight Lowery from FS to CB. In any case, the advantage is most definitely in our favor.

As for Marcedes Lewis, this is just as important. As John B. and GGNer Gallinari's Barbershop have noted, he is one of their biggest threats. If he doesn't play, that really just leaves Mike Thomas and Maurice Jones-Drew as their only proven playmakers. As Thomas is likely to be covered by Darrelle Revis, and Jones-Drew is currently on a "snap-count" of sorts due to his injured knee, things look promising. Stuff the run, establish the running game ourselves, and exploit the clear mismatches in the secondary, and we could be primed for a big game.