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Antonio Cromartie Will Not Run More Kicks Out Nine Yards Deep

Mike Westhoff has made it clear to Antonio Cromartie that running out a kick deep in the end zone as he did Sunday is unacceptable.

Cromartie also has new marching orders, courtesy of special teams coach Mike Westhoff, who demanded: Do not return a kickoff that lands nine yards deep in the end zone. Cromartie did that in the first half, and he brought it out only to the 13-yard line.

"I can't go 109 no more," Cromartie cracked, alluding to his league-record, 109-yard return on a missed field goal from his days with the Chargers.

That pretty much says it all about Cro. He is an incredible athlete with absolutely no feel for the game of football. Why does a coach need to tell a sixth year guy it is a bad idea to run it out nine yards deep? Would he even have to tell a rookie like Jeremy Kerley?

There are certain spots where it might make sense. I thought Miles Austin should have tried to run out Nick Folk's kickoff nine yards deep in the final half minute. The Cowboys needed to try and break something big. It was unlikely they were going to be able to move it into field goal range starting at their own 20. When Cro did it, it was crazy.