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Rex Ryan Expects More Offensive Balance

Rex Ryan does not want the run-pass ratio to stay what it was on Sunday.

The Jets attempted 44 passes to just 16 runs, an uneven play-call sheet dictated by Ryan's twin brother, Rob, the new defensive coordinator for Dallas, and his display of blitzes and stunts the Jets never saw on film before taking the field. Instead of exploding through gaps, tailback Shonn Greene, who rushed for 26 yards on 10 carries, met Cowboys, be they linebackers or defensive backs, crowding crevices he typically exploits. Third-down back LaDainian Tomlinson fared no better, gaining 16 yards on five carries.

"I don't want our numbers to ever be like that," Ryan said.

I am often very critical of Brian Schottenheimer, but I think sometimes people get on him too hard. Sunday is one such example. The Jets could have possibly run it more, but balance for the sake of balance is self defeating. Sometimes a team should tip heavier for the run game. Other times it should pass more often.

The Jets were behind for much of the second half, which added to the urgency of passing. Sanchez was on point. The Cowboys were banged up in the secondary, giving the Jets advantages. On top of this, the Jets failed when they tried to run. What they did to replace the run was getting LaDainian Tomlinson heavily involved in the short passing game.

No, the ratio should usually not skew as heavily for the passing game, but there was no problem on Sunday.