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Mark Sanchez Passes Concussion Test

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Mark Sanchez took a lot of hits against the Cowboys. He had a concussion test to make sure his head was all right. Fortunately, he passed.

Sanchez said the tests showed he was fine.

"They checked my baseline tests and compared it to my balance test and everything now," he said on 1050 ESPN Radio yesterday. "I feel good."

The league has correctly instituted regulations to keep players in danger off the field. Sanchez is a very tough guy, but a head injury is more dangerous than pain in one's leg.

It is obviously good news for the Jets also that he passed. The last thing this team needs is for Mark Brunell to take the field against his former team Sunday. The Jets are currently favored to beat Jacksonville. They probably still would be with Brunell under center considering some of the advantages they have on the field. It would be a more dangerous game, though.