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Should We Be Worried About Our O-Line?

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We may have won that game, but it was far from pretty. In fact, it was downright ugly. I think Joe Namath in pantyhose looked better than Sunday night... I digress. I won't even go into our defensive woes. This shpeel is about our O-line. There were a lot of things our O-line could have done better, but I will focus mainly on two. Our pass and run blocking were downright despicable.

The first play of the game for the Jets offense was embarrassing for Wayne Hunter. I know D. Ware makes a lot of tackles look silly, but at least most of them put up a fight. He also let Spencer by for the sack fumble. I have called Hunter this before, but he lived up to the name "the human turnstile." Sanchez has the skill, and the weapons to do great things this year, but our O-line needs to help out more. If Mark has the time, he will jump down teams throats all day.

Next on today's docket, is our run blocking. I am going to throw out two numbers. 2.6 and 3.6 are the rushing averages of Greene and LT. We may have only ran the ball 15 times, but we should still have been able to do a lot better than what we did. The Cowboys run D is pretty good, but they are not that great. Our biggest asset on the offensive side of the ball, is supposed to be our O-line. I saw no holes being opened, I saw no real push. I saw nothing on Sunday that would let me think we have an O-line we can rely on. The good news is, it was only the 1st game. We were rusty in our 1st game last year also. I expect Bill Callahan and Shotty to work through these early problems. Up next, comes the Jaguars. Their run D held CJ to only 24 yards. This is going to be another tough task for our run blocking.