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Was Last Night's Performance the Best of All Worlds?

After a Week 1 win, a team can feel invincible. After a Week 1 loss, a team can wonder whether it will ever win a game. It looked like we were headed in the latter direction at times last night with the Jets. The team pulled out a victory, though.

Perhaps this will be a happy medium for the team. The Jets got a win to go 1-0 in the standings. There is much for the team to improve upon, though. The offensive line was bad, and the defense gave up too many big plays. With some very winnable games on paper coming up, the Jets are probably less likely to look past their opposition after a less than spectacular performance. Perhaps this is overly anecdotal, but teams frequently let down after a big first week of the year. Perhaps overconfidence sets in a bit.

The Jets gained in the standings. They should have the confidence that they can win at less than their best against a quality opponent. They should be focused, though, because there is plenty to fix. In some ways, this could end up the best of all worlds.