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New York Jets Avoided Penalties Against Dallas Cowboys

Unlike this guy, the Jets avoided critical penalties.
Unlike this guy, the Jets avoided critical penalties.

There are plenty of things the Jets need to fix despite last night's victory. One encouraging sign was the clean game the team played. Gang Green was not flagged for a penalty once.

To be fair, the officials swallowed their whistles last night. Dallas was flagged seven times. Their fans really have no room to complain, though. Of those seven penalties, there were two delay of games, two false starts, one encroachment, one twelve men in the huddle, and one obvious offensive pass interference on the last drive. It is tough to argue any of those calls. This game was called evenly. The officials let the guys play.

Despite the loose officiating, the fact the Jets avoided self inflicted errors like false starts, too many men in the huddle, and encroachment, not to mention personal fouls has to be a good sign. The team was sloppy in some areas, but it avoided dumb, unforced losses of yardage.