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Game Ball: Nick Folk

Although Tony Romo might deserve this honor more, Nick Folk hit the clutch 50 yard kick to win the game last night in the final minute. It might have been the difference between victory and defeat. Had Nick missed, the Cowboys would have gotten the ball back in great field position with a half minute or so to get into the range of big legged David Buehler. (Then again, Romo might have gone out and thrown a pick six as time expired.)

The kick had to be especially sweet for Folk, whose first team was Dallas. He was a Pro Bowler for the Cowboys but was cut near the end of the 2009 season. Folk was no victim. He was incredibly shaky that year. With the kick last night, Folk did find a degree of redemption and added to his growing legacy of big kicks for the Jets.

I think Nick Folk deserves the game ball for this week. How about you?