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Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets Third Quarter Thread

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Dallas leads 10-7 headed to the third quarter.

If you are looking for negatives, look at the pass protection. Mark Sanchez has been getting whacked back there.

If you want positives, look at the pass rush. Dallas might be having even more protection issues than the Jets right now. Also look at New York's last offensive series of the first half. It took almost an entire half of stagnant offense, but the Jets finally figured out that designing bootlegs, rollouts, and screens can make a pass rush pay for being overly aggressive. Working Dustin Keller into the offense also did not hurt. It feels like the Jets are starting to take advantage of the areas where they have an advantage.

It feels like Dallas has been in control of the game. While that is a bad thing, the Jets are only down a field goal and get the ball to start the second half.

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