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Boomer Esiason's Trip to the Stadium

As you may or may not know, Boomer Esiason is the reason why I'm a Jets fan. So of course, when I found out he had a Twitter account, I had to follow him. It didn't disappoint. The following are tweets from @7BOOMERESIASON from the past hour or so, as he travelled from the CBS studios in New York City to JetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey to do the satellite radio broadcast.

In response to which team he is picking tonight:

Boomer Esiason
Jets tonight

On getting across the river:

Took me 15 minutes to get to stadium from NYC. I may take me 2 hours to get into the parking lot. Ugh...haven't moved in 20min

On the performance of the Ravens:

had to have, most impressive. Reminds me and Us and the Oilers back in the day. They hate each other.

On a national anthem performance:


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On whether he should yell, "Do you know who I am?" out of his car window:

tried that I got booed, fond memories I guess.

In response to @Simms5611, who said the trip home "will be a cakewalk":

Oh yeah lots of fun that will be. You and Lofton can do the game without me as I direct traffic on the turnpike,:)

On picking against the Ravens:

any time us 4 idiots pick the same team always go the other way.

Should have taken a helicopter! Oh yeah that would've been boooooooooJie..

Hanging with the Range Rovers, BMWs, and Mercedes. I guess they're the ones who can afford the tix and parking.

On getting a police escort:

I'm not that important. Gov Christie would have a stroke.

On taking the train:

oh yeah that would've been fun!

Long season savor the victory but don't touch the money

I'm driving a Tahoe.

On if the Ravens can get to the Super Bowl:

of course they can. I like Flacco.

On the traffic situation:

it sux

Why do I feel like skiing when I get to this Stadium?

So jackass smoking a cigar just cut me off. Feel like getting out and beating him down. Punk.

Confirming that he's doing radio tonight:


Troopers look pissed

German Shepards look really pissed. I'm not getting out of the car.

On whether he is driving:

nope in the back seat

The world we now live in.

Wow Jets fan are into this. No #7 jerseys though. Just as I thought.

Well, I don't know about you but I found that very entertaining. Next time you go to a game, please show Norman some love and wear your #7 jersey.