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Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets Game Thread

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Tonight the Jets kick off the 2011 season hosting the Dallas Cowboys on national television. It caps off the first football Sunday of the new season. The stadium is sure to be full of emotion not just because of a Week 1 Sunday night game but also because of the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001. There are some pretty substantial tributes scheduled to take place before the game and at halftime.

Most accounts have the Jets favored in this game. I find it difficult to disagree, but Dallas is a team with big talent up and down its roster if inconsistent. One can expect a hard fought, close game. On an emotional night like this, it is important for a team to keep its composure and not get too swept up in everything going on.

Leave your thoughts below in the comments section. The game is on national television so there should be no need anyway, but please refrain from providing links to illegal streams of the game.