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The Runway: Five Questions With Blogging the Boys, Part 2

My second question with Dave Halprin of Blogging The Boys asks him to give Rex Ryan some advice on how to approach things tonight.

If you were constructing a game plan on how to attack the Cowboys, what would you do?

Given the untested nature of our new offensive line, I would go right after them. As experienced as the Jets defense is with their own scheme, they should pull everything they have out of the playbook and give the Cowboys offensive line every look they have. I would attack that line mercilessly until they prove they can handle it.

On offense, first I would make sure I got DeMarcus Ware blocked as best I could. If you can give Sanchez time, the Cowboys secondary is vulnerable. I would make sure the Cowboys can't get to Sanchez then go after the middle of our secondary. As for the Cowboys run defense, that's pretty much a mystery to us right now. After years of being great, it fell apart in 2010, so we're anxious to see if Ryan has fixed it.

I agree with everything Dave said. Dallas' strength is at the skill spots. The line is the place to attack them. On defense, neutralizing the strength of Ware will allow them to take advantage of the secondary weakness.