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The Runway: Five Questions With Blogging the Boys, Part 1

Dave V is not the only one around here who can create a series posts with airplane references. Today I introduce a new game day feature. It is not terribly different from something we have done in the past. I have asked the opposing blogger on SB Nation five questions on his team. I will make one post for each question and schedule them through the day as final preparation for the game before the Guinness Game Thread goes up.*

Dave Halprin, the lead blogger at Blogging The Boys took my questions. Dave is an original at the network and is head of our NFL operation, which makes him my boss. Dallas has a well known team. My first question deals with some differences from the Cowboys from the last time you saw them.

Briefly outline some of the big changes the Cowboys experienced in the offseason.


There's one change that has dominated the storylines for the Cowboys this offseason, and that's the total overhaul of the offensive line. Gone are 2010 starters C Andre Gurode, RG Leonard Davis and RT Marc Colombo. And the names that are replacing them are very young. 1st-round pick Tyron Smith takes over at RT (he may not play, knee injury), 7th-round rookie Bill Nagy takes over at LG, 2nd-year and undrafted player Phil Costa takes over at center. Holdover Kyle Kosier will swap over to RG from his usual left spot, and Doug Free begins his second year starting at LT. That's a ton of movement and a real youth movement. 

Will it work? We'll see. Jason Garrett is obviously looking for a younger, more mobile, offensive line, not the aging maulers that the Cowboys have been using. Look for guys pulling a lot in the running game and the screen pass is back in vogue in Dallas. Of course, if they can't protect Tony Romo, then nothing else will matter. This is a huge gamble by Garrett.

The other changes involve Garrett taking over full-time, and instilling his change of culture in Dallas. He's a no-nonsense, let's get to work kind of coach. He demands a lot; he's also very calm and cool. Meanwhile, Rob Ryan, who like his bro, is not exactly reserved, takes over the Cowboys defense. We should be a much more aggressive unit with a few more tricks in our bag under his tutelage.


*(Yes, our game threads will be sponsored by Guinness this year. You couldn't make this stuff up. I will refrain from making all of the jokes that come to my mind by the fact my network is taking part in such a sponsorship for fear of being fired. No, I cannot get you free Guinness. Just know when you drink a lot of it, you can justify the move because you are helping GGN.)