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Josh Baker to Return to Practice Squad

Manish Mehta reports tight end Josh Baker, recently cut from the practice squad, will be headed back to Florham Park.

Jets will add TE Josh Baker to the practice squad on Monday (to take Trufant's spot), per source.


So yeah, the Jets signed Mardy Gilyard last week, cut Trufant to the practice squad last week, and then got rid of Baker from the practice squad. Now they decided they really did not want Gilyard despite never seeing him play a game with the team and want Trufant back on the roster and Baker back of the practice squad. Know something else? This is pretty common for the week leading up to the year. One of these days maybe we can figure out why teams do silly things like these.

Baker showed some flashes in the preseason. There are no guarantees, but it is certainly possible the team can develop him into a player.