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Players on the Brink

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There are a few players I have my eye on who have had strong preseasons and could potentially lock away a roster spot tonight with a strong outing like Danny Woodhead did in 2009 (at least for that day before he was cut to the practice squad).

Dan DePalma: He is contributing at the most important spot for a guy near the end of the roster, special teams.

Jarron Gilbert: He has impressed me with his play on the line with the backups, and most importantly, he blocked a field goal in his last game.

Patrick Turner: It is tough for a guy who does not contribute a ton on special teams to make it at the back of the roster, particularly one already in his third year not expected to contribute on offense. If Turner can do enough to convince the Jets they can turn his frame into something really good, he might stand a chance.

Garrett McIntyre: He has been all over the field in preseason. Every time you look up, he is making a play.

Nick Bellore: He had a big game against the Giants.