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New York Jets Have No Interest in Trevor Pryce

Manish Mehta says the Jets are not looking to bring back Trevor Pryce.

For those asking, the don't have any interest in bringing veteran Trevor Pryce back to add depth to the defensive line.

Combining this news with the half hearted (to put it charitably) attempt at keeping Shaun Ellis, and it seems like the coaching staff has a ton of confidence in the young defensive linemen on the roster. Pryce and Ellis might be old, but both are still playing at a high level.

If this coaching staff has credibility in one area, it is on the defensive line. They were right about Mike Devito last year when letting Marques Douglas seemed risky. They have vastly improved the play of Devito and Sione Pouha into excellent starters at their respective positions. It looks like some guys without track records are going to get chances to build ones for themselves.