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The Top 15 Jets of the Rex Ryan Era, #9: Jim Leonhard

Coming in at number nine is our favorite strong-safety-who-looks-like-he-should-be-in-high-school, Jimmy Leonhard. Leonhard, as you probably know, was brought in with Bart Scott form Baltimore to help establish Rex's new defense. In fact, Leonhard turned down a bigger offer from the Broncos to follow in Rex's footsteps. 

If you saw Jimmy walking around the Jets facility, you would have an easier time believing he was a new intern than the on-field brains behind one of the league's most complex and versatile schemes. We all saw what happened when we lost Leonhard before the second Patriots game in 2010. Leonhard is the glue in a secondary that has more pressure on it than any other in football. 

Of course, Leonhard isn't going to blow you away with measurables, but he is as consistent as they come. I have lost count how many times I have seen Jim make a saving tackle as the last line of defense. Jim can hold his own in coverage, too, and isn't afraid to lay his 185 lb. frame on the line to make a big hit. Of course, who could forget the play in the 2009 Divisional playoffs when Jim lost his helmet and continue to wrestle for a loose football. 

Hint for number 8: This guy played for three teams throughout his career.