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New York Jets Wins in 2011: Over/Under 10

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Bodog has over and under on wins for every team. The magic number for the Jets is 10.

New York Jets - Total wins in the 2011 NFL Regular Season

Over 10 (Even)

Under 10 (-130)

The Patriots and the Packers have the highest spread, both at 11.5.

What do you think about this? The Jets hit 11 last year with what turned out to be a really tough schedule. They got both NFC Championship Game participants, the team with the best regular season record in the league twice, and two more 12 win teams in conference. Then again, they only went 2-4 against those teams in the regular season.

It is always tough to predict how difficult a schedule will be before the year. We do not know which teams will get hit by injuries, which will overperform, and which will underperform. Some teams might be tough early in the year but hit a bad stretch and be walkovers by the end of the year.

There are a handful of teams almost certain to be good. I see five such games this year. They are the two against New England and the games against Baltimore, San Diego, and Philadelphia. If the Jets hold their own in those games, they should be in position to have a very good year.

If you believe in trends, the Jets get San Diego in Week 7 which is good because the Chargers always seem to finish strong and the Giants in Week 16 which is good because they have tended to start hot and finish poorly under Tom Coughlin.

What do you think? Over or under 10?