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Shaun Ellis Took the Money and Ran

Details of Shaun Ellis' contract with the Patriots came out today.

The Star-Ledger confirmed that Ellis signed a 1-year deal with the Patriots worth between $4 and 5 million, per a person with knowledge of the terms of the deal.


The Jets, squeezed by the salary cap, last week offered Ellis a one-year deal worth $910,000, the veterans' minimum salary.

It is tough to blame Ellis for making the move. He is low on chances to make money with the time remaining in his career likely short.

It also shows how little the Jets really wanted him back. Gang Green reportedly has cap space. We saw the team create space for a guy it wanted in Nnamdi Asomugha. If the Jets really wanted Ellis back, they probably would have made an effort to find a deal that made sense for both sides, not a take it or leave it minimum offer. The team apparently believes it can replace Ellis' production for cheaper with some of the young guys on the line. Time will tell whether this was the right move.

Ellis is still playing at a high level, but I do think a lot of the youngsters have potential.