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Matt Kroul Moves to the Offensive Side of the Ball

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Matt Kroul, a 25 year old 6'3" 300 pound defensive tackle who split 2010 between the practice squad and active roster is moving to the offensive line per Manish Mehta.

Matt Kroul has been moved from defensive line to offensive line, prompting Bart Scott to call Kroul the "Fat Faneca.

A move like this has precedent. Brandon Moore for one was a defensive tackle in college. There is a logjam of young players competing for defensive line roster spots. Kroul might not have had a great chance to make it there. An opening exists along the offensive line. Wayne Hunter figures to be the new Damien Woody. Vladimir Ducasse will presumably be the new Wayne Hunter, the backup tackle. Somebody needs to emerge as the new Ducasse, the interior lineman low on the depth chart.

Perhaps Kroul's skills will translate to the other side of the ball. If he was not going to make the team there anyway, it is worth seeing whether he can help the team in other spots. Odds are much greater this will end like the Kareem Brown tight end experiment from two years ago than it ending up like Moore, but you never know.