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Improvements Might Come Internally

I see a lot of people both here and on other sites comparing player for player the Jets' rosters from 2010 and 2011. The criteria used is one for one, the guys the Jets lost in free agency versus the guys replacing them. I think there is merit to this, but it is incomplete. It assumes everybody will produce at the exact same level they did in 2010.

This was one thing I tried to impress upon people during the whole Braylon vs. Santonio debate. I felt like even though some of the numbers in 2010 said one thing, there were indicators that suggested Holmes was the better investment. You don't have to agree with my assessment, but that rationale works in other areas too.

We just wrapped up a number of posts on guys I think who might pick up their game in a big way in 2011. If Mark Sanchez finally makes good on his vast talent and becomes a top ten quarterback, the Jets have improved despite having the same guy on paper. The same goes for other guys profiled. It goes for guys I did not profile. What if Muhammad Wilkerson has a big rookie year? What if things finally click for Antonio Cromartie in his second year in the system, and he makes good on his vast potential to become a top five cornerback?

Yes, the Jets replaced Braylon with Plaxico and Cotchery with Mason. They also replaced 2010 Sanchez with 2011 Sanchez. That might be the most significant improvement the team has.