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Should the New York Jets Push to Get Back Trevor Pryce?

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Now that Shaun Ellis is in New England, there is a void at defensive end. It behooves the question of whether the Jets will look to bring back Trevor Pryce for some insurance on the defensive line. Pryce was a good pass rusher for the team last year. He tied for second on the team in pressures with 17 according to Pro Football Focus along with 5 hits and 2 sacks (including Playoffs) in just 196 rushes. Even when he was not getting to the quarterback, he was giving blockers a lot of problems and forcing offensive linemen to give extra help.

Ellis was the most productive pass rusher on the team last year. The team needs to replace what he brought collapsing the pocket. There are a lot of potentially talented young guys on the roster on the defensive line who might do anything from contribute in a major way to be cut depending on what happens in camp and preseason. Pryce would give the Jets a bit of insurance in the form of a proven defensive lineman.

There is no telling whether the team could talk him into playing another year, but it might be worth their while to put on the full court press. What do you think?