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Shaun Ellis Signs With New England Patriots

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Career Jet Shaun Ellis has a new home, and it is with a bitter rival.

Ellis, 34, was drafted by the Jets and played 11 seasons with the organization, but the team offered him $910,000, the veteran's minimum, as a free agent last week. He rejected that offer and chose instead to switch allegiances in the AFC Division rivalry, coming to terms on an agreement that will make him a Patriot.

This is a regrettably good signing for the Pats. Ellis is exactly the kind of guy they like, a guy who can line up in a number of spots in a number of fronts and find success. This also has the double effect of taking his production off the Jets and giving it to the Pats. The Pats also will not have to face him.

I thought Ellis was quietly one of the five best 3-4 defensive ends in the league last season. I cannot say I am thrilled with his departure to Foxborough.