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Derrick Mason to Sign With New York Jets

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Adam Schefter says Derrick Mason has decided to take his talents to Florham Park.

Wide Receiver Derrick Mason has decided he will sign with the New York Jets.

I am very happy to hear this news. Mason is an ideal replacement for Jerricho Cotchery. He is the same kind of crafty guy. Yes, he is old, but he put up an 800 yard receiving season last year following three straight 1,000 yard campaigns. I am not even sure last year's statistical decline was due to age. Baltimore added other receivers, who took away targets.

This was an essential move. At this point, Santonio Holmes was the only thing proven in the wide receiving corps. After him were Plaxico Burress coming off two straight missed seasons and a bunch of young guys without track records. Mason provides some valuable insurance on that front.

Mason may not be a huge impact player, but he is very good and gives the Jets some insurance at a position in flux.