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Other Teams in Derrick Mason Sweepstakes

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The Jets are apparently bidding against Derrick Mason's two former teams for his services.

The Jets remain interested in free-agent WR Derrick Mason, but they're not the only team in pursuit. His two former teams, the Ravens and Titans, are rumored to be in the hunt. There are also rumblings about the Browns. If it comes down to dollars, the Jets aren't optimistic.

"I'm sure he'd have to leave money on the table to come here," Rex Ryan said Friday.

Most things in free agency come down to money. If Rex's comments are accurate, the Jets might have to prepare for life without Mason. Jeremy Kerley would likely need to be ready to contribute as a rookie in the slot.

Wide receiver was one of the deepest positions on the team last year. At this point, it looks like Santonio Holmes and a bunch of unknowns. Mason's game is similar to Jerricho Cotchery's, and he might even be a slight upgrade. At worst, he would not be a downgrade. This is a signing I think the Jets should be aggressive in trying to make happen.