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New England Patriots Work Out Shaun Ellis

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Shaun Ellis worked out with the Patriots today.

The Patriots worked out veteran DL Shaun Ellis (Jets) today,'s Mike Rodak is reporting.

With the ridiculous paranoia and one gamesmanship that characterizes this rivalry, it is impossible to say whether New England's interest is real. The Pats do like versatile guys. Ellis has had success as an end in the 3-4 and the 4-3, and the Pats run fronts with 3 and 4 linemen. He also has experience inside in 4-3 looks. Plus there is the delicious irony that the Jets took him with a Draft pick they got as compensation for the Pats hiring Bill Belichick.

Part of me thinks this is gamesmanship on Ellis' part as well. The Jets reportedly only offered him a minimum contract. Maybe he figures the threat of him signing with a bitter rival could motivate them to up their offer. I think Jason Taylor did the same thing with the Dolphins last year. Remember how long it took him to sign with the Jets? I think he was hoping the Dolphins would swoop in rather than letting him sign with a division rival. They did not. We could see a similar game of chicken come out of this.