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Plaxico Burress Tweaks Ankle

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In a day which has brought wide receiver news sure to make Jets fans unhappy, here is more of it.

Plaxico Burress hasn't been on an NFL field for two years, and he'll need to wait one or two more days after rolling his left ankle Wednesday running routes in a private workout with fellow New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes.

"It's nothing serious," Burress said. "I know it's going to be one of those deals where, to everybody else on the outside it's going to be this huge thing, but it's just a little swelling."

It does not sound serious. It was not even something like a pulled muscle that could have been partially due to returning to football after a long layoff. With so much time before Week 1, this does not sound like anything we will even give a second thought once the new season gets rolling.