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Braylon Edwards Signs One Year Contract With San Francisco 49ers

Now former Jets wide receiver Braylon Edward has agreed to become a San Francisco 49er.

Wide receiver Braylon Edwards has agreed to a $3.5 million, one-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers.


I would advise everybody to back off the ledge. The Jets are going to have a really good team this year without Braylon.

With that said, I don't see how the Jets come off looking good in this. They signed a 34 year old out of jail who has not played in almost 3 years instead of a 27 year old coming off a good year who has chemistry with their quarterback and knows their offense. The difference was under $500,000.

I get that Braylon faces potential discipline over his drunk driving arrest, and this alleged bar fight could bring bad things. On a cheap one year deal, the risks are minimized.

I think people go a bit overboard with their affection for Braylon. From the way some sound, you would think he had a career with the Jets like Al Toon or Wesley Walker (or Jerricho Cotchery) instead of 1.75 good seasons. He was a good run blocker, but 80% of the Jets' runs didn't go to the edge. That is why blocking for a receiver is a luxury, not a critical factor.

With that said, Braylon played his heart out as a Jet. He reminded us that separation is something a receiver can actually get.  Take care, B. We'll always have Foxborough.