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New York Jets Release Jerricho Cotchery

Jerricho Cotchery has been released by the Jets.

The Jets released WR Jerricho Cotchery this afternoon. The 29-year-old Cotchery, a fourth-round selection of the Jets back in 2004, played seven seasons for the Green & White.

It is a sad and sudden ending to the tenure of a guy who embodied the phrase, "Play like a Jet."

Cotchery apparently was behind the move:

But the coach said Cotchery asked to be traded or released, and after he said he tried to talk the wide receiver out of his request, the Jets released him today.

The timing of this is not clear. Did Cotchery ask for a trade earlier in the week? Is that the reason the Jets reportedly put him on the block? Or did this come after the Jets shopped him? Did he leave as a result of this?

Why did the Jets grant him his release? It's not like they had to let him go.

Let's talk about the surgery he is recovering from. How was his recovery coming? Did the Jets think he could contribute this year? Was there some problem in the locker room we did not know about?

This entire episode raises more questions than answers. A number of different scenarios seem plausible. The possibilities are endless. In the mean time, hope the Jets sign Derrick Mason. For the next year at least, he will not be a downgrade from Cotchery.