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Report: Jerricho Cotchery Will Be Released if Derrick Mason Signs With New York Jets

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The Jets will reportedly release Jerricho Cotchery if they can sign Derrick Mason.

Veteran Jets receiver Jerricho Cotchery has told reporters he will be released if Derrick Mason passes his physical.

I really am left to wonder what is going on behind the scenes here because this does not make much sense to be on the surface. Cotchery embodies everything the team seems to emphasize. He works hard. He didn't complain when his role was reduced. He played through injuries.

Perhaps something is taking place behind the scenes that we are not seeing. Perhaps his injury is lingering and really going to affect his play. Perhaps the Jets are trying to cut costs whereever possible as a precursor to a big ticket move. I think people can sell Mason short. He is a really good replacement in the crafty receiver role. His numbers last year were really good and only dropped a bit from the past because Baltimore had more good weapons to share targets.

I can only hope there is some move out there to dramatically improve the team about to be made. I am shocked the team is going this way.