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Five New York Jets With Breakout Potential in 2011: Jamaal Westerman

Jamaal Westerman made the Jets roster as an undrafted rookie in 2009. The coaches liked him so much that he made defensive calls for the second team in training camp practices. Rookies have enough to deal with figuring out their own roles in camp. The fact Westerman was able to be responsible for others was impressive.

Westerman registered a sack Week 1 in 2009 at Houston in garbage time, but he did not see a ton of time on defense his first two years. He worked mainly on special teams. He might have gotten more time in 2010 with the pass rush struggling had he not been banged up. Now with Jason Taylor gone, he figures to be an internal candidate to take on a bigger role at outside linebacker.

Westerman was a good pass rusher at Rutgers. He had 26 sacks at defensive end. The past two years, he has gotten time to practice and get adjusted to standing up at the snap. If the team finds an internal solution to its pass rushing woes, it will likely be Westerman.