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Muhammad Wilkerson Does Not Regret Fighting Brandon Jacobs

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Rookie Muhammad Wilkerson says he has no regrets about his actions regarding Brandon Jacobs Monday, even though his fight on Monday got him ejected from the game.

"Was it a smart move? No. Do I regret it? No," he said during a conference call Tuesday. "That’s just football and I’m not going to let someone just try and take advantage of me."

Football may be a game of aggression, but it is one of knowing how to use aggression. Risking a killer penalty and eliminating yourself from a game is a dumb move. Period. The way to respond is to knock Jacobs on his butt the next time he comes near you with the football.

I like Bart Scott a lot, but one thing I cannot stand is his tendency to pick up stupid penalties in the name of aggression. It is not terribly difficult to play aggressively on the field and not take stupid shots. Heck, there is even a distinction between this kind of thing and the personal foul penalties Eric Smith gets. Those at least show people what will happen if they go over the middle and makes them more hesitant to do so.

It does appear Jacobs instigated the incident, but the Jets do not need to lose players or yardage being dragged into something like that.