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T.J. Conley Wins the Punting Job

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The Jets have released Aussie punter Chris Bryan, which means T.J. Conley will be New York's punter.

Conley's 53.3 yard average last night against Bryan's 35.7 probably sealed the deal. Through the first two weeks, it seemed to me like Bryan was a bit better and more consistent in situational punting even if Conley's gunners killed him by missing chances to down punts deep.

I am not sure preseason games were the only decider either. Mike Westhoff likely had a chance to evaluate these guys and determine which he felt like had more potential for him to mold into a top notch punter. If Conley learned his lesson from last year when he lost to Steve Weatherford and bought the team some Shake Weights, that might have helped his cause as well.

At any rate, dreams of an Aussie to follow in the footsteps of Ben Graham as Jets punter are now on hold at least temporarily.