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Jeremy Kerley Impresses as Wildcat Quarterback

Jeremy Kerley looked good last night running the Jets' Wildcat package. Cimini takes note.

"I think it was effective," Kerley, who ran twice for 13 yards, handed off to Joe McKnight for eight and also threw an impressive 18-yard pass to Matt Mulligan, told ESPN "I think we came out and did what we were expected to do, and that’s get a good look, try to get some mismatches and that’s what we did. We were just trying to see where we were tonight, throw a couple plays in and see what happened."

We need to keep things in perspective. Kerley did his damage against backups. He did show pretty much every sign needed of being an effective point man for the package, though. He made good decisions on when to keep it and when to pitch it. Before pitching it to McKnight, he forced a defender to commit to him, opening up the field for McKnight. He showed good elusiveness making a guy miss when it looked like nothing was there. He also made a great throw to Mulligan. The threat of the pass is important in the package because it forces the defense to think twice about selling out on the run. Kerley looks like a better thrower than Brad Smith. Show me one pass Smith threw where the receiver did not have to adjust for the ball.

I know some people want the package eliminated. I think the Jets should keep its use limited, but I do think having it around is a good thing because of the preparation time it forces an opponent to use. It is necessary because a Wildcat breakdown defensively can cost a team dearly. Time spent preparing for the Wildcat is time not spent preparing for something else. Putting it on film last night gives Rob Ryan and the Cowboys a little extra to think about.