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Why Did the Chicago Bears Release Vernon Gholston?

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Former New York Jets linebacker and defensive end Vernon Gholston was released by his new team, the Chicago Bears yesterday. One might point to a lack of production to explain his release, but there must be more to it. I see two possibilities.

The first is that Lovie Smith simply did not give him a fair chance. Gholston was quite vocal that Rex Ryan did not give him a fair chance during his time with the Jets. Ryan only tried to give him playing time at two different positions to try and get something out of him and named him a starter during Calvin Pace's suspension to begin the 2009 season. Smith similarly might have given Gholston, the former first round pick, a raw deal for a guy picked so high.

The second possibility is that Smith was influenced by Ryan's negativity about Gholston. Remember, Gholston thinks Ryan turned the team against him. Smith might have also taken the bait.

I will leave it to you to decide which of these two was the real reason Gholston did not last in Chicago.