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Report: New York Jets Could Sign Derrick Mason Tomorrow

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Derrick Mason is reportedly taking a physical with the Jets tomorrow and is likely to sign as long as all goes well.

A source close to Mason said the former Titans and Ravens WR will be taking a physical with the Jets on Friday and could sign with New York soon after.

Mason is 37 years old, but he put up a 62 catch, 802 yard 2010 campaign with 7 touchdowns. He was a 1,000 yard receiver in eight of nine seasons from 2001 to 2009. Mason is not especially big at 5'10' 197 pounds. He is not especially fast. He is a tough guy who overcomes increasingly unimpressive tangible ability to get open underneath. He sounds a lot like the guy the Jets are reportedly trying to trade, Jerricho Cotchery.

Getting Mason would probably change my feelings about a Cotchery trade. Sentimentally, I want Cotchery to stay. He is probably a better option in a vacuum. If Mason can come at a vastly cheaper price, and dealing Jerricho can free up cap room, it might be worth it. Mason still can play. He would do good work as an option for the slot and as insurance for Plaxico Burress. He could do a good Cotchery imitation and allow the Jets to spend freed up funds elsewhere, like the pass rush.