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New York Jets Offer Shaun Ellis the Minimum

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The Jets have made an offer to Shaun Ellis, and it is the smallest offer they could have made.

The New York Jets say they want to re-sign defensive end Shaun Ellis, their longest-tenured player, but they apparently aren't willing to pay much to make it happen.

The Jets have made a one-year offer for the veterans' minimum of $910,000, according to Ellis' agent, Mitch Frankel.

Ellis has been seeking a new contract for a while so this would probably be a worst case scenario for Shaun. Things have been surprisingly quiet on the rumor front as far as Ellis goes. It is a bit surprising. He is near the end of his career, but he had a great 2010 and can play end in the 4-3 and 3-4. He can also see time inside in the 4-3.

Either Ellis will really have to love being a Jet or he will have to have no other suitors for this to happen. It would be great to get him back, though.