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New York Jets Resign Brodney Pool

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After appearing to be out, the Jets have come to terms to bring back free agent safety Brodney Pool. Earlier reports indicated the two sides were unlikely to reach a deal.

The are re-signing Brodney Pool, according to sources. Terms to come.

This is excellent news. Pool really became a playmaker down the stretch last year. He seemed to be getting more comfortable with the system as the year progressed, and it showed as his play picked up. We will have to see the exact terms of the deal, but I really like this move. With so many contenders passing oriented, it is important to have at least one safety good in coverage. I like Eric Smith much better as a reserve in subpackages than I like him as the starter he would have been with Brodney out of the picture. Perhaps he can continue to improve and grow into his role in his second year as a Jet.