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The Other Side of the Coin: A Fresh Plaxico Burress

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I have stated my concern about Plaxico Burress' lack of football conditioning over the past few years being a detriment on top of his advancing age potentially taking away from his athletic ability. There is another competing effect, though. Burress being away from the game gives him an advantage in a way.

Football is a grueling game, even at a position where players take relatively few hits like wide receiver. Not taking a pounding these past two years likely has his body fresher than it otherwise would be. The odometer is lower than on other 34 year old wide receivers.

This is the kind of thing that could potentially help him as the season advances. The hits add up through the years. Having a bit of a vacation could help.

It is impossible to say which of these effects will be more on display. Perhaps one will show early while the other will emerge late.