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Preseason Week 3 Wrap Up: Jets 17 Giants 3

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JETS WIN THE (preseason) SNOOPY BOWL. Boy, what a barn burner!

Not really, I lied. The Jets handily beat the Giants at a score of 17-3. The defense showed up. The offense made an appearance when it counted. I don't want to overstate how well the Jets performed since it was just a preseason game and the other side is never really pushing too hard. But, there are several things to feel good about moving forward.

Feel free to leave your own opinions on the exhibition below. My thoughts after the jump.

The Good:


Santonio Holmes made a couple of nice moves, including a 17 yard TD grab from Mark Sanchez. Bilal Powell had an impact on the field with a touchdown even though he only got three carries. Other than that, our offense was pretty bland and didn't really live up to its full potential.

Vlad Ducasse has been quietly improving in his play for us.


I'll mention Nick Bellore first since I'm not sure if he'll make the team or not. Nick posted a sack and solo tackles. He made a statement for himself, we'll have to see if it's enough. Bellore also defended a pass. Jim Leonhard and David Harris both pulled down interceptions. Leonhard got some QB pressure in, as did Jamaal Westerman. Ropati Pitoitua and Calvin Pace both made tackles in the backfield, something to feel very good about as the regular season approaches.

Let's not Forget Antonio Cromartie's awesome 68 yard kickoff return. Guess sometimes being afraid of contact pays off. :P

The Bad:


Our rushing effort kind of stunk. Shonn Greene pulled down 42 yards for a 3.8 rushing average with a long run of 5 yards, not that great. Joe McKnight looked pretty terrible out there, but a lot of that can be attributed to a red zone stand by the Giants. LDT had one carry for no yards. Sanchez tried to carry the ball a few times, and only made 7 yards out of it.


Wilkerson and Jacobs got in a fist fight and both got ejected from the game. Without assigning blame, that's unacceptable. Donald Strickland hasn't been all he can be. Aaron Maybin barely showed up on the field at all with an assisted tackle, and he looked like he was getting bowled over on down field plays. Other than that, I'm very happy with the defensive effort. I will say Eli put up quite a few yards for only playing part of the game, but our defense also took the ball away from him before he could do any real damage.


The Ugly:


Mark Sanchez went 8 for 16 with a touchdown pass and a lost fumble for an 81.63 rating. 50% accuracy is not what Mark was talking about when he said he needed to improve of last seasons numbers. Again, it's only the preseason, don't panic. But I'm not sure we're going to see a miracle 3rd year quarterback so much as same old Sanchez, showing up for us when it matters.

Matt Mulligan showed up and made a few catches for 43 yards, but he also got a holding penalty.


The only thing that stands out is Kyle Wilson. He got a sack and some pressure, but he also seemed to get picked on a little bit in coverage. I consider him to be an improving work in progress, call me a homer.

Nicks did catch a couple of passes off of Revis, but I can't really complain. Nobody scored off of him, he's a shut down corner even in the preseason. In the words of Gruden, this guy!

The Giants offense out performed the Jets by air and first downs, but the Jets edged the Giants in overall rushing and turnovers. Turnovers really killed the Giants, especially Eli Manning. I expect the defense to win us some more games this season, even though it appears we may be getting younger at some positions. There is no lack of leadership with this team, and I'm very confident that this will be another great season under Rex Ryan.

What are your thoughts on the game?