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Jerry Hughes?

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If anyone of you can remember all the way back to the 2010 draft, there were only a hand full of pass rushing OLBers that caught our eyes. One of these guys was Jerry Hughes out of TCU. He was projected to be a perfect fit for a 3-4 team somewhere out there. Of course that wasn't in his cards. The Colts wound up selecting him in the 1st round, 31st overall.

This selection made some sense, but I still didn't believe this was the place for Hughes to thrive. The Colts have 2 very good undersized, but fast defensive ends in Mathis and Freeney. They probably thought they could get the same kind of production out of Hughes. I don't think they realized how special Mathis and Freeney are, and that either of these guys thrive with their hands in the dirt, is a tribute to them. There are very few people with their size that can do what they do, if any.

There are rumblings that the Colts might be releasing Mr. Hughes into the wild, and I wanted to know what you guys thought. I know we already brought Maybin in as a project sort of player, but Hughes is more of a guy that needed a new system rather than just a new scenery/mindset. Hughes has the all the tools to be a successful OLBer in this league. He just needs to be given that chance to play that position. If it's not us, you better believe someone will.

Right now our OLB core looks like Pace, Thomas, Westerman, Maybin, and Mcintyre. All 5 of these guys might make the 53 man roster. I might be willing to replace Mcintyre with Hughes. If the price is right, I think he could be very valuable to us.