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Flight Connections 08-29-11


MetLife Stadium is fine, and the game is on tonight against the Giants. Will it be a rumble or a fun day?

Gary Myers: HC Rex Ryan has much to learn about the starters tonight.

Tom Rock: It's a New York civil war.  What's so civil about war anyway?

Jets great QB Joe Namath talks about tonight's game.

Jenny Vrentas writes about new starting FS Eric Smith.

CB Marquice Cole poses in a #33 jersey wielding a sword.

New York Times: QB Mark Sanchez has a red-zone problem.

Alabama's Press-Register writes about hometown boy WR Courtney Smith.

The Star-Ledger has four questions with RB LaDainian Tomlinson.

NewsdayTen things to take from tonight.

Daily NewsThree things to watch for tonight.

New York PostThree Jets to watch tonight.

ESPN New YorkTwo games in four days is no sweat.

J.P. Pelzman looks ahead to the week's schedule.

The Jets Blog keeps up with the recent former Jets.

Former Jets assistant coach Pat Kirwan released a new edition of his book.

Lastly, it was clearly a trap game.